BIM = Big Intensive (WCS) Masterclass

Complete course helping dancers, teachers and future WCS teachers on their road to success and to fully develop their potential.

 Why should you attend a wcs masterclass ?


your techniques

full advantage

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Hard-hitting and Successful teaching

You are passionate about wcs but ... you frequently ask yourself many questions like: are my basics right ? Is my connection comfortable enough ? Is my knowledge correct, or sufficient ? You want to improve but ... you wonder things like: What is my potential ? Did I reached my maximum level ? What can I do to increase my level ? What things should I work on first?


You are a confirmed dancer and you really have fun on the dance floor ... However, you are not necessarily as comfortable as you would like ... You feel that, regularly, you are in trouble on some advanced techniques or at least you have not yet reached the level of mastery you would like to have ...​


What if you could very quickly have fun and develop your own style, by sublimating your BASICS? Do you know the vast range of variations they offer you?


How do all these good dancers to transform the basic movements of the WCS so that they perfectly adapt to the music? We all learn to dance ON music (rhythm). But do we know how to dance WITH music, INSIDE the music (nuances, accents, phrases, breaks, etc.). How would it possible without understanding MUSIC?!


Many questions that Nico and Jang propose you to explore in a complete intensive training to help dancers and teachers on the path to success and to develop their full potential.

BIM is a tailor-made intensive training

with the possibility to

choose from 9 intensives of 10 hours